Beat box tree moths with Bloombux

As the rain finally eases and the days start to lengthen for the spring equinox, horticulturalists, garden designers and plant-loving householders are looking out of the window and thinking of how to upgrade their gardens and create their next show-stopping plot.

Ornamental bushes are an integral part of good garden design, offering shelter from the elements,  protection from prying eyes and the height variation that makes for an interesting landscape. The problem here is that one of the most popular bushes – the neatly compact boxwood – is rather susceptible to disease and pests, including the dreaded Box Tree Moth (Glyphodes perspectalis).

Origianlly from East Asia, this destructive moth has been spreading in the UK for several years, wreaking havoc on boxwoods nationwide. Difficult to eradicate and already a big nuisance in central Europe, the voracious moth can kill plants completely. This is where Bloombux – a beautiful-looking, pest-resistant species of rhododendron – comes into its own.

The product of expert creative plant breeding, Bloombux is an ideal alternative to Boxwood, eliminating the problem of disease whilst also offering stunning blossom and neat, dense foliage. The INKARHO breeding also makes Bloombux tolerant to lime, allowing it to thrive on nearly any well-draining garden soil. It really starts to shine in late spring, when its lavish blooms are guaranteed to draw the eye in any outdoor setting.

During the peak season of May to June, its glorious bee-friendly pink or magenta flowers can reach up to eight centimeters in diameter. The best time for pruning is after flowering, to ensure that the new flower buds for the next year are not cut off. Its lush, emerald-green evergreen foliage will stay looking good throughout the autmn and winter, long after other plants have shed their leaves. This makes it the ideal choice for boundary hedges and other areas that call for a privacy barrier.

Bloombux also offers advantages traditionally associated with boxwood, being resistant to cold temperatures (as low as -24°C) and incredibly versatile, working equally well as a container plant as it is for hedges and garden landscaping. With its low height of up to 70 centimeters, Bloombux is simple and easy to care for, making it a great choice for professional landscapers and amateur gardners alike.  

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