From suppliers and manufacturers to retailers, exhibitions, trade associations, charities and media guilds, our team is actively involved, engaged and part of the bigger picture.

Optimising the building blocks

At Hornby George PR we optimise all the PR tools we can to ensure that our clients are supported in every possible way, and that all our PR programmes are varied, hardworking and relevant. For us, PR is about optimising all the necessary building blocks, together creating a consistent, targeted and strategic approach to PR.

Our services


Media Relations

Whatever you want to communicate, and whoever you want to talk to, the media will be one of the primary tools you’ll need to get help you get your messages across.  But competition for editorial publicity is fierce, so it’s never been more important to present your news and information in a way that will whet the media’s appetite. Whether press, broadcast, online or social media; in the UK or international; targeting trade or consumer audiences, we’ll create and deliver the ideas and angles to help you generate good quality, inspirational editorial coverage, in all the right places, at the right times.


The team at Hornby George PR share a love of writing and we can help translate your vision into clear and concise copy that is customised to suit your house style. Our tailored service is designed to help clients with any copy-writing requirements they might have. From white papers, opinion pieces, expert columns, speech writing and marketing collateral to press releases, blogs, flyers and newsletters; exhibition panels, posters and web copy, newsletters, adverts and direct mail, we will help you to find the ‘write’ words.  For wider branding projects we can also supply the campaign strapline, graphic design, production and printing, plus digital expertise for a turnkey service, as needed.

Exhibition & Event Support

Hornby George PR is one of the most experienced exhibition and event agencies in the UK. For 20+ years we have run the international Press Office at the annual Glee exhibition and have been actively involved in supporting our clients at a number of additional events. These include RHS Chelsea, Grand Designs Live, The Royal College of Art ‘Secret’, Gardeners World Live, SOLEX, Spring & Autumn Fair and the Garden Press Event.

From creating Press Packs and organising media interviews to co-ordinating stand design/build, setting up photo calls, managing sampling and putting together goody bags, we can take much of the donkey work off your hands.


Networking & Industry Monitoring

Our hard-working presence at important events such as conferences, award ceremonies, charity fund-raisers, sporting events and exhibitions – especially in our core garden, home & lifestyle sectors –ensures the team at Hornby George PR is able to network effectively to our clients’ advantage and stay abreast of key issues affecting our industries. Our exceptional relationships with key members of the press in our chosen field ensure that our clients are at the forefront of journalists’ consciousness and first in the queue for editorial opportunities. With ears that are always close to the ground, we also ensure our clients are first to know about important industry developments.

Crisis Management

Handling the media with confidence is vital when bad news strikes and negative headlines loom. Even the best organisations can find themselves in a difficult spot through no fault of their own and end up needing help with the media. Whether you find yourself facing a sensitive local issue, managing a business crisis or reacting to an unexpected event we can help you to minimise the damage and emerge with your good reputation intact. We can help with media plan, prepare official statements and providing media training – so you’re as ready as possible to handle difficult issues effectively.

Social Media Planning & Management

The digital environment can be baffling – and even a minefield – which is why we’re here to help you find a way through it. Whether it’s building a year-long schedule of activity or managing all aspects of social media on a day-to-day basis, the Hornby George PR team has extensive experience with the latest modes of communication.

From Twitter to Instagram, LinkedIn to Pinterest, we can help build content that delivers results and you will also benefit from our own extensive business networks. We currently offer three-different packages, designed to offer flexible social media support. To find out more, contact a member of the team to start your social media journey.

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