How Apta’s Planting Bench is changing the face of garden pot retailing

In a competitive marketplace, adaptability is paramount. Garden retailers are continually seeking innovative solutions to set themselves apart, aiming to craft retail environments that break the mould. Recognising this demand, the team at Apta has introduced the groundbreaking Apta Planting Bench, poised to revolutionise retail spaces this season!

The success of the Apta Planting Bench lies in its versatility; it seamlessly integrates multiple product categories to increase the average basket spend, highlight seasonal offerings, and showcase the latest trends. This curated merchandising approach, often featuring Apta pots alongside seasonal blooms, simplifies the shopping experience, allowing customers to effortlessly ‘buy the look’. Furthermore, this display presents an opportunity to showcase an array of Apta pots in one convenient location, featuring various sizes and colour options, thereby showcasing the brand’s extensive range.

The value is further augmented with the inclusion of Kelkay’s horticultural grits or growing media, enhancing the ease and confidence of the shopping journey.

To date, hundreds of retail units have been sold into retailers nationwide, including at Yorkshire Garden Centres, who have embraced the Apta Planting Bench, with the latter incorporating two displays within its store. Strategically positioned in the heart of the plant area and the pot and planter section respectively, each Planting Bench is tailored to cater to different consumer preferences. One display focuses on indoor and decorative planting, featuring an array of smaller, ornamental glazed pots, while the other emphasises outdoor container gardening, showcasing larger Olympia composite planters alongside seasonal shrubs for impactful container displays.

Speaking about the impact of these displays, Phil Hemmings from Yorkshire Garden Centres remarked, “The Apta Planting Bench is a remarkably effective retail solution. Within a compact footprint, we can curate endless product combinations, ensuring our displays remain fresh and enticing, often aligning with current events and gifting occasions. We’ve seen a noticeable shift in our customers’ shopping behaviour, with an increase in average basket spend. For us, the Apta Planting Benches are a game-changer, and we’re excited to see what we can create with them as the season unfolds.”

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